Really Simple Syndication (RSS)


RSS is rapidly replacing the form of email marketing and newsletters. You do not want to be left behind right? Your competitors will definitely surpass you and accelerate ahead. RSS is often referred to as Really Simple Syndication, and some words have the same initials but different meanings. It is a process where you can place an RSS feed on websites that can read the RSS format from your directory.

Simply put RSS, you can put your headlines on other websites for more people to see. In marketing, that is a concept that the more people you reach, the more your product is likely to be sold.
RSS is an XML-based application. In a way, XML is similar to HTML, an application that we all know is the most popular website creation application. From a directory, it will cite headers on websites that have an RSS reader. Creating an RSS feed will definitely boost your sales. How do you create RSS feeds? Follow these simple steps:
Create a file for the RSS feed, using a certain format, you must create the XML version of your path. It should include the title or title, the brief description of the content and the link where the file can be read. There are many different web-based RSS editor editors that you can use for it. Some programs only require you to write news and articles into a notepad file and when placed into the editor it will show the necessary format available for upload. It is recommended to create at least 10 articles for your RSS feed.

Save and download files

After creating your file, save it as an XML, RSS or RDF file. Now you are ready to upload it. Download the file using the FTP program and place it on the web server. This process now makes the file readable by RSS feeds.

Activate the file. Make sure the RSS program does not crash. RSS is compiling, so errors may not be seen. In addition, there are various programs that can assist you with this process. You will just need to put the RSS file that has been uploaded and saved to this program to check it avoids the tags and the lost or misleading code. It is important for you to check the process. This way you are sure that what you have is readable and can be used.

Create a folder

Now that you’ve finished creating the file, save it, and make sure it works, you’re ready to let others see it. The main purpose of an RSS feed is to distribute it to all RSS enabled sites. So go ahead and search for a directory where you can place your RSS feed. Some may require fees for uploading a directory. Some do this for free. Search and capture all the free sites you have and put it there. If you have some marketing budgets, you might want to sign up for a site with some cost. Do not forget to put an RSS feed link icon on your website, and even to those who visit you directly.

Updated frequently

With RSS, you know that the path changes automatically every time you change the main file. Do not leave your RSS feed there for a month without changing it. Maintain by adding new articles. The more attractive your subject, the more people will check your path and visit your website.

Creating an RSS feed for marketing on the Internet today is very simple. Even people who are not proficient in computers can create RSS feeds, based on the steps mentioned above. The applications created for RSS creation are applications that make it easy for everyday computer users to create an RSS feed. All you need is to be familiar with this process.

Start creating RSS feeds and give your competitors a competitive edge. Obviously, RSS feeds give your site more traffic than regular web hosting. And web traffic means that more people see your product and may be interested in purchasing them. Add strength to your marketing strategy and create RSS feeds and be ready to sell.

Nguồn translate: Marketing Internet Software & Design website

Cách khắc phục một số “lỗi” thường gặp của xe oto điện trẻ em

Oto điện cho bé là món đồ chơi thông minh, hiện đại, trở nên phổ biến nhất hiện nay. Việc sử dụng xe đôi khi cũng gặp phải những vấn đề trục trặc, hỏng hóc. Sau đây là những lỗi thường gặp và cách khắc phục của xe oto điện trẻ em.

Không thể điều khiển xe chạy:

Tình trạng 1: Không thể điều khiển xe chạy ở cả 2 chế độ

Nguyên nhân: Trên bộ điều khiển có phím P- chế độ đỗ xe. Khi kích hoạt chế độ này, đèn trên bộ điều khiển sẽ nhấp nháy liên tục và mọi tác động điều khiển sẽ ngừng lại.

Cách khắc phục: Tắt chế độ này bằng cách nhấn phím P lần nữa

Tình trạng 2: Điều khiển từ xa được mà không thể lái trên xe được

Nguyên nhân: Do vô tình bấm nút chuyển công tắc giữa chế độ tự lái và  điều khiển từ xa

Cách khắc phục: chỉ cần bấm lại đúng chế độ

Tình trạng 3: Lái trên xe được mà không thể điều khiển từ xa

Nguyên nhân: xe không có chế độ điều khiển từ xa chứng tỏ tín hiệu điều khiển chưa được kết nối đến xe

Cách khắc phục: Kết nối lại điều khiển với xe

Tình trạng 4: 3 đèn trên điều khiển từ xa nháy sáng liên tục nhưng không điều khiển được

Nguyên nhân: Do bị lỏng pin

Cách khắc phục: Thay pin. Tắt xe đi, sau đó vừa bấm nút nhỏ nhất trên điều khiển vừa bật xe lên. Thấy đèn trên điều khiển từ đang nháy liên tục thành không nháy là được

Tình trạng 5: Điều khiển từ xa đi tiến lùi nhưng không lái rẽ được hoặc ngược lại

Nguyên nhân: do hỏng mạch điện xe

Cách khắc phục: Thay mạch điện mới

Xe hoặc bộ phận bị hỏng, không hoạt động được

Tình trạng 1: Xe khởi động lại liên tục, khởi động lên xe không chạy hoặc chạy rất yếu.

Nguyên nhân: Không đủ nguồn điện cung cấp cho hệ thống do điện áp bình ắc quy quá thấp

Cách khắc phục: Sạc điện cho xe, sạc 8 tiếng đối với bình 7AH và 6 – 8 tiếng đối với bình có dung lượng nhỏ hơn. Nếu vẫn bị như cũ, có thể dùng đồng hồ đo điện kiểm tra sạc có bị hỏng, nếu không thì thay do ắc quy, cần thay mới.

Tình trạng 2: 1 bên bánh xe có không hoạt động được

Nguyên nhân 1: bánh răng của hộp số bị mòn

Cách khắc phục: Thay bánh răng mới

Nguyên nhân 2: mô tơ điện bị hỏng

Cách khắc phục: Thay mô tơ điện mới

Tình trạng 3: Khi khởi động xe, bấm còi xe, nhạc không lên tiếng

Nguyên nhân 1: Bộ âm thanh bị lỏng chân do tụt chân khi đi địa hình xấu nhiều hoặc đứt dây do chuột cắn

Cách khắc phục: kiểm tra nối dây lại, cắm lại chân cho chắc

Nguyên nhân 2: Bộ âm thanh bị hỏng

Cách khắc phục: Thay bộ âm thanh mới

Tình trạng 4: hệ thống đèn không sáng

Nguyên nhân: hệ thống dây, chân cắm bị tuột dây hay bóng đèn bị cháy

Cách khắc phục: kiểm tra lại đường dây, chân cắm và thay thế bóng đèn bị cháy.

Tình trạng 5: phát ra âm thanh cạnh cạnh rất rõ

Nguyên nhân 1: Hộp số chưa lắp chặt nên khi quay sẽ gây va chạm gây ra tiếng động

Cách khắc phục: Lắp chặt hộp số

Nguyên nhân 2: bánh răng bên trong hộp số bị mòn, vỡ hay đứt đoạn

Cách khắc phục: Thay hộp số mới

Bài viết trên đã cung cấp một số thông tin cần thiết khi xe oto điện bị hỏng hóc, giúp phụ huynh có thể kịp thời sửa chữa hay đem ra cửa hàng bán sản phẩm bảo hành, sửa chữa.

>>Bạn có thể tham khảo thêm những loại phụ tùng xe ô tô điện trẻ em để có thể tìm mua thay thế khi bị hỏng hóc, không sửa chữa được.

>>>Nếu bạn chưa để chi phí để mua một chiếc xe mới có thể tham khảo mua xe oto điện thanh lý cho bé

What is RSS – What language is RSS written in ?

rss letter

RSS – in a broad sense – is an internet technology that allows users to read the latest updates from one or more websites at once without going to the site directly. All they need is the internet and an RSS aggregator – the “aggregator” or simply the RSS reader (News reader, News aggregator).

RSS is not only beneficial to users but also means to promote the most economical website, without the need to use expensive advertising strategies.

Specifically – RSS stands for one of the following terms:
+ Really Simple Syndication: “The service is really simple.”
Rich Site Summary, RDF Site Summary: Rich Information Summary, RDF Information Summary
RDF – Resource Discovery Framework: is the format of the RSS 1.0 release. In some RDF web pages use instead of RSS.

RSS written in what language?

RSS is written in XML. Thus XML is also referred to as RSS in some websites. A rss file is simply a list of objects – the messages themselves – which are described as: the title, the content of the summary, and a link to the main page of the news. Other information such as date, author etc. can also be added.

A rss file does not have a consistent extension. The most common are: .xml, .rss, .rdf (there may be many extensions other than these 3 formats)

What are the versions of RSS?
The rss versions are: 0.90 and 0.91 (made by Netscape), 1.0 (by RSS-DEV), 0.9x and 2.0 (by UserLand Software).

Although there are many versions created by different vendors, most rss readers read them with every version. However, we do not care about counting this.

How to know if a website offers RSS Feed?
When you visit a website, try to look around the page with RSS icons. Like this:
If you have one of the icons above then click to go to the rss page

You can also go to the BlogStreet’s RSS Discovery tool, paste the url of the site to find rss. It will list the corresponding channels.

How to get rss from a website ?

You need a rss feeds reader like AmphetaDesk, NetNewsWire, and Radio Userland. You just select your favorite rss channel, drag the card into the program or copy the URL of the rss paste that into the url required by the reader.

+ Use browser that supports rss like: IE 7.0, Firefox 2.0, Opera 9.1

There are also online services that allow reading and archiving of rss feeds. Among them are Bloglines that are the most popular.

Want to embed your favorite rss on your own website?
Good Idea! But you need to see this article:
Feed2js – Convert RSS to javascript for embedded website

Websites offering RSS in Vietnam
+ Youth Online, Youth, Dan Tri,,,, and some forums like, ……

Some common terms
RSS: really simple syndication, rich site summary, RDF site summary (RDF content summary)

RDF: Resource Discovery Framework: Definition of rss 1.0

XML: eXtensible Markup Language

Rss file = rss feed = rss channel = feed = channel: news channel rss

Rss reader = News reader = RSS aggregator: Rss reader

Nguồn translate: support.digisoft

More Channels

More Channels

Do you like gardening? Have a crave for the latest computer gadgets? Or what about reading blogs? Here you’ll find just the right RSS channels to match your interests; from cooking to comics, technology to travel, music to medicine… there’s always something for everyone! And if you can’t find your channel here, submit yours now.

Arts (2)*
Business  Finance (6)*
Career (2)*
Comics & Jokes (4)*
Education & Language (10)
Electronics & Digital Media (18)
Family (8)
Food & Beverage (11)
Games (2)*
Internet (13)
Lifestyle & Hobby (20)
Medical & Health (2)*
Movies & Entertainment (2)*
Music (2)*
News & Media (2)*
Opinion & Editorials (8)
Podcast (21)*
Politics, Society & Culture (24)
Portals (15)*
References (11)
Science & Research (3)*
Software & Downloads (25)
Sports & Recreation (4)*
Technology (15)*
Travel (15)
Weblog (5)*


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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is RSS?
  • How do I view RSS feeds?
  • My website does not have an RSS feed. How do I create one?
  • Why should I create my own RSS feed?
  • How do I get people to subscribe to my RSS feed?
  • How can I help My NETime Channel users to add my RSS feed directly to their accounts?
  • What is the difference between Online RSS Viewer and Free RSS Reader?
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What is RSS?
RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary” and it is a convenient yet open standard for delivering information updates, be it news headlines, stock quotes, blog updates or others. This means that by subscribing to a website’s RSS feed, you will be notified of any updates without having to actually visit the site.RSS is commonly used for blogs and news sites, but more and more websites are starting to adopt this nifty piece of technology because it makes life easier for web surfers. Whether it’s updates or mailing lists, RSS will definitely be staying for a long time to come.

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How do I view RSS feeds?
You can try out our Free RSS Reader. Unlike regular RSS readers which require you to run a separate program on your desktop, our Free RSS Reader is just a small toolbar that sits quietly on your Internet Explorer without interrupting your web surfing. All your favourite RSS feeds will be gathered in one place, the latest updates will be delivered to you in real time and whenever you click on an RSS feed, it will display as a properly formatted webpage instead of the usual gibberish. This toolbar loads fast, and we guarantee there’s no spyware or adware.If you just wish to view a single feed, you can also use the Online RSS Viewer.

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My website does not have an RSS feed. How do I create one?
It’s simple! Upon signing in to My NETime Channel, go to My RSS Letters. You do not need to have any knowledge in programming languages like HTML or XML. With just a few clicks, you will be given a URL for your RSS feed which you can insert into your website and encourage your friends to subscribe to it.Best of all, it’s free!

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Why should I create my own RSS feed?
Because RSS is a powerful and fun phenomenon that is sweeping the Internet, replacing mailing lists and the need to find out for yourself manually if a site has been updated. Whether you have a blog, a photo gallery, a personal/company website, an online catalog, an online radio show, etc., RSS is the way to go and it will definitely make life easier for your visitors.You can also control if you want your RSS feed to be available to the public or only to a selected group of people (eg. for family mailing lists). Did we mention that it’s also very easy to create your own RSS feed?

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How do I get people to subscribe to my RSS feed?
For public viewing, sign in to My NETime Channel and go to My Recommendations to add your RSS feed to our growing database. Or if you wish to create an RSS feed using My RSS Letters, just follow the instructions there.If you do not wish to make your RSS feed available to the public (eg. for family mailing lists), please follow the instructions during your creation of an RSS feed in My RSS Letters (available to My NETime Channel users only).

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How can I help My NETime Channel users to add my RSS feed directly to their accounts?
Insert this button on your website:

The HTML code behind that button should be:

<a href=”[your Channel URL here]“>
  <img border=0 src=””>

For more information, please contact us at

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What is the difference between Online RSS Viewer and Free RSS Reader?
The Online RSS Viewer allows you to view RSS feeds in a properly formatted web page instead of gibberish. However, you can only view a single feed at a time.On the other hand, the Free RSS Reader is a small toolbar that sits on your Internet Explorer. It stores all your favorite RSS feeds, informs you when feeds are updated, and automatically converts RSS feeds into properly formatted webpages whenever you click on an RSS link. For more information or to download, click here.

Free RSS Reader

Transform your Internet Explorer into a powerful RSS reader now!
Download NETime Channel's RSS Reader Download Now!
Free download 4.09MB

Chrysanth NETime Channel enables users to view RSS, RDF and ATOM feeds directly inside Internet Explorer as normal web page.

Simply enter an RSS feed’s URL (eg. into Internet Explorer’s address bar, click Go, and the RSS feed’s content will be immediately displayed as a normal web page. Alternatively, you can also click on the tiny orange colored RSS or XML buttons on any web page and view the content as a nicely formatted webpage instead of gibberish!

Chrysanth NETime Channel will install as an Internet Explorer (IE) toolbar. You can find countless interesting and entertaining RSS feeds such as comics, blogs, news and others via our intergrated NETime portal.

    So, what do I get from this toolbar?

  • All your favorite news, entertainment, blogs, etc. updates sent to your ‘doorstep’ in real time when you fire up your Internet Explorer
  • No need to run a seperate desktop program just to check if your favorite feeds have been updated
  • Auto detects RSS feeds so you can subscribe with just 1 click!
  • Save and organize an unlimited number of feeds
  • Get alerted and check new mails in your Gmail account without having to go to the website
  • Show your RSS subscription list when you want it; Hide it when you don’t!
  • Switch themes to view your feeds in, whatever your mood (NETime Channel, Rosy, Classic, Glossy, Autumn)
  • Absolutely no adware or spyware because we hate them too 😉
A tiny
but powerful toolbar!
Subscription list
Show/hide anytime!
Auto detects RSS feeds
One click to subscribe!
Minimum system requirements
: Intel Pentium II and above
Operating system (OS)
: Win95/98/ME/2000/XP
Physical RAM
: 64MB
Hard disk space
: 20MB
Additional requirements
: Internet Explorer 5.0 and above