Free RSS Reader

Free RSS Reader

Transform your Internet Explorer into a powerful RSS reader now!
Download NETime Channel's RSS Reader Download Now!
Free download 4.09MB

Chrysanth NETime Channel enables users to view RSS, RDF and ATOM feeds directly inside Internet Explorer as normal web page.

Simply enter an RSS feed’s URL (eg. into Internet Explorer’s address bar, click Go, and the RSS feed’s content will be immediately displayed as a normal web page. Alternatively, you can also click on the tiny orange colored RSS or XML buttons on any web page and view the content as a nicely formatted webpage instead of gibberish!

Chrysanth NETime Channel will install as an Internet Explorer (IE) toolbar. You can find countless interesting and entertaining RSS feeds such as comics, blogs, news and others via our intergrated NETime portal.

    So, what do I get from this toolbar?

  • All your favorite news, entertainment, blogs, etc. updates sent to your ‘doorstep’ in real time when you fire up your Internet Explorer
  • No need to run a seperate desktop program just to check if your favorite feeds have been updated
  • Auto detects RSS feeds so you can subscribe with just 1 click!
  • Save and organize an unlimited number of feeds
  • Get alerted and check new mails in your Gmail account without having to go to the website
  • Show your RSS subscription list when you want it; Hide it when you don’t!
  • Switch themes to view your feeds in, whatever your mood (NETime Channel, Rosy, Classic, Glossy, Autumn)
  • Absolutely no adware or spyware because we hate them too 😉
A tiny
but powerful toolbar!
Subscription list
Show/hide anytime!
Auto detects RSS feeds
One click to subscribe!
Minimum system requirements
: Intel Pentium II and above
Operating system (OS)
: Win95/98/ME/2000/XP
Physical RAM
: 64MB
Hard disk space
: 20MB
Additional requirements
: Internet Explorer 5.0 and above

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