What is RSS – What language is RSS written in ?

What is RSS – What language is RSS written in ?

RSS – in a broad sense – is an internet technology that allows users to read the latest updates from one or more websites at once without going to the site directly. All they need is the internet and an RSS aggregator – the “aggregator” or simply the RSS reader (News reader, News aggregator).

RSS is not only beneficial to users but also means to promote the most economical website, without the need to use expensive advertising strategies.

Specifically – RSS stands for one of the following terms:
+ Really Simple Syndication: “The service is really simple.”
Rich Site Summary, RDF Site Summary: Rich Information Summary, RDF Information Summary
RDF – Resource Discovery Framework: is the format of the RSS 1.0 release. In some RDF web pages use instead of RSS.

RSS written in what language?

RSS is written in XML. Thus XML is also referred to as RSS in some websites. A rss file is simply a list of objects – the messages themselves – which are described as: the title, the content of the summary, and a link to the main page of the news. Other information such as date, author etc. can also be added.

A rss file does not have a consistent extension. The most common are: .xml, .rss, .rdf (there may be many extensions other than these 3 formats)

What are the versions of RSS?
The rss versions are: 0.90 and 0.91 (made by Netscape), 1.0 (by RSS-DEV), 0.9x and 2.0 (by UserLand Software).

Although there are many versions created by different vendors, most rss readers read them with every version. However, we do not care about counting this.

How to know if a website offers RSS Feed?
When you visit a website, try to look around the page with RSS icons. Like this:
If you have one of the icons above then click to go to the rss page

You can also go to the BlogStreet’s RSS Discovery tool, paste the url of the site to find rss. It will list the corresponding channels.

How to get rss from a website ?

You need a rss feeds reader like AmphetaDesk, NetNewsWire, and Radio Userland. You just select your favorite rss channel, drag the card into the program or copy the URL of the rss paste that into the url required by the reader.

+ Use browser that supports rss like: IE 7.0, Firefox 2.0, Opera 9.1

There are also online services that allow reading and archiving of rss feeds. Among them are Bloglines that are the most popular.

Want to embed your favorite rss on your own website?
Good Idea! But you need to see this article:
Feed2js – Convert RSS to javascript for embedded website

Websites offering RSS in Vietnam
+ Youth Online, Youth, Dan Tri, 24h.com.vn, vnexpress.net, conghung.com, and some forums like diendantinhoc.com, updatesofts.com ……

Some common terms
RSS: really simple syndication, rich site summary, RDF site summary (RDF content summary)

RDF: Resource Discovery Framework: Definition of rss 1.0

XML: eXtensible Markup Language

Rss file = rss feed = rss channel = feed = channel: news channel rss

Rss reader = News reader = RSS aggregator: Rss reader

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